Public transport for people with reduced mobility

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Services exist to facilitate parking and the use of public transport for people with reduced mobility.


“Handicapped” parking spaces are available close to shops as well as sports and leisure facilities. To take advantage of these, you must contact the Finance Department of the Geneva police force which will issue a legitimisation card once the request has been examined. All necessary information can be found on the State of Geneva website.

Geneva public transport

Geneva public transport (TPG) has taken measures to facilitate access to buses and trams for handicapped people. These measures include:

  • lowering floors;
  • installing access ramps in the vehicles;
  • announcing stops by means of an acoustic signal.

TPG also offers a “mobility for all” accompaniment service as well as additional transports on demand designed to meet individual needs.

Certain lines are not yet accessible in a wheelchair. The presence of a pictogram on the information boards indicates whether or not the vehicles are adapted.

Blind and visually impaired people can obtain a card authorising them to travel freely and free of charge on the entire local public transport network. This legitimisation card can be obtained from the State of Geneva.

Associations and private companies

Certain associations and private companies offer services to people requiring assistance. Whether for a simple journey within the canton, a trip in the country, a journey in Switzerland or assistance for train travel, you can obtain advice and support from:

  • Call Center Handicap : this service provided by Swiss railways (CFF) is intended for any handicapped person (hearing-impaired, blind, wheelchair-bound) wishing to travel by train. Contact: 0800 007 102
  • Compagna : passenger accompaniment service in the stations, at Cornavin and at the Airport. The service includes assistance when boarding and leaving a train as well as rest and relaxation in special rooms. Contact: +41 22 732 00 90

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