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Cultural, sporting and leisure activities for young people in Geneva

From urban sports to summer events, there are plenty of activities to keep young people busy in Geneva! Discover all the information about the sporting or artistic activities available as well as the list of recreational areas and events intended for young people.

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Cultural and recreational areas for young people in Geneva

There are numerous recreational areas in the City of Geneva offering young people the chance to meet up or enjoy sporting, cultural or recreational activities.

Practising a sporting activity

From sports centres and tennis courts to ice rinks and swimming pools, discover all the city’s sports facilities and infrastructures on the page Where to do sports in Geneva?

It is also possible to do physical activities freely in the streets and parks, thanks to a wide range of programmes and installations.

Urban sports

If you are a fan of urban sports, then this is the city for you! One of the global capitals of cycle polo, Geneva also boasts  skateboarding facilities, including one of the largest skate parks in Europe: the Plainpalais skate park.

If you are between 15 and 25, the City of Geneva provides sports halls, in the evenings and / or at weekends from October to March, where you can drop in whenever you’re free to play one of the following sports:

Sports schools

Through the sports schools for young people and with the support of competent supervisors, you can test yourself or hone your skills in more than 50 original disciplines proposed by the City for children aged 4 to 18, both throughout the school year and during the summer holidays.

From the age of 18, you can take advantage of the range of sports programmes for adults

Being a young artist

Urban culture

For many years, culture has spread into public areas, often under the impetus of young talents. Today, the City of Geneva wishes to promote specifically urban forms of artistic expression and make them accessible to a broader public. If you are a young artist active in this filed, you can take advantage of several centres for artistic expression:

  • Prim’Art: if you are a young artist, Prim’Art offers you the chance to show your work. Renewed every year under the responsibility of an outreach social worker (TSHM), this event also allows the public to discover the artists of tomorrow;
  • Walls dedicated to graffs: are you a graffiti artists? The City of Geneva encourages your chosen form of artistic expression within a given framework, in particular by commissioning frescos or organising festivals. It also provides young artists with dedicated sites where they can produce their frescos.

Cultural grants

Every year, the City of Geneva awards several cultural grants (photography, comic strips, plastic arts, new music, etc.). Most of these grants are specifically intended for professionals

Meeting or rehearsing in premises under assisted management

Are you looking for premises where you can practise your musical or leisure activities? The City of Geneva provides young people with premises where they can meet without any specific activity being imposed.

Benefiting from good deals and preferential rates 

From preferential rates for young people to free admission in certain conditions, discover the different measures facilitating access to leisure, cultural and sporting activities in Geneva.

Keeping busy

Summer activities in the City of Geneva

During the summer, lively open-air sites and numerous activities offer young people the chance to relax and meet up in a convivial atmosphere. From lively refreshment bars to urban golf, discover all the information concerning the summer activities for young people in Geneva!

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