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Recreational areas for young people in Geneva

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There are numerous places in the City of Geneva offering young people the chance to meet up or enjoy sporting, cultural or recreational activities.

Socio-cultural events and meeting places

The community centres and recreational facilities develop socio-cultural activities in the different districts of the City of Geneva. Parkour, street dance, improvisation, events, excursions, sports camps and many other activities await that you can enjoy in your free time! Some districts are home to adventure parks open to 8-12 year-olds; 

The Espace ATB for teenagers is a convivial and original meeting place that attracts numerous young people with its activities and mechanics workshop;

Currently being renovated, the Pavillon Cayla, will become a meeting and social insertion centre focusing on gentle mobility. It already offers several activities, including cycle workshops

Multi-purpose centres, the community centres provide infrastructures and premises enabling the inhabitants of a district to participate in cultural, well-being, meeting or leisure activities.

Cultural institutions

In the youth or adult areas of the city’s municipal libraries and media libraries young people can find a wide range of information media including books, comics, reviews, CDs and DVDs. The libraries also provide new services on the public multimedia stations: video games, Internet access, self-learning methods (languages, software, leisure activities) using CD Roms as well as online encyclopaedias, journals and newspapers, etc.

Organising workshops, screenings, musical interludes and conferences, cultural mediation offers numerous stimulating and creative opportunities in Geneva's museums, to discover the wide range of museum exhibits.


In addition to the 80 sports installations available to the public to encourage people to do exercise, various other open sports facilities are specifically dedicated to young people. They enable young people to practise urban sports, which are very popular in Geneva, in particular thanks to the Plainpalais skatepark, one of the largest in Europe.

Premises under supervised management

Premises under supervised management are made available to young people, subject to compliance with certain rules, so that they can meet up or freely practise a musical or leisure activity.

Evening events  

The Collectif pour une vie nocturne riche, vivante et diversifiée organises evening events open to anyone over the age of 16 in the Salle du Terreau.

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