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Studies and employment for young people in Geneva

Are you a young person looking for a part-time job, a training placement or a civilian service post? Do you need advice with regard to professional guidance or your choice of studies? Are you experiencing difficulties in your training programme or do you need financial aid to complete it? This page lists the main contact persons with regard to school education, professional training and jobs for young people in Geneva.

Academic and professional guidance

Information about training programmes and courses

The Cité des Métiers du Grand Genève provides you with different tools enabling you to obtain information about existing training programmes or the education system in Geneva.

"Zooms Métiers" sessions organised on the premises of the Guidance, Vocational Training and Continuing Education Office (OFPC) offer you the opportunity to discover the professions in a particular field, to talk to professionals and apprentices and to benefit from assistance in choosing a training programme., the official Swiss information portal for vocational, academic and career guidance facilitates your research and provides you with access to all useful information relating to training programmes in Switzerland.

Guidance interviews

Des psychologues conseillers ou conseillères en orientation sont à votre écoute et peuvent vous aider:

Finding support when you’ve dropped out of the education system

Are you between 15 and 25 years old and experiencing difficulties with your academic path or your professional integration? The page of the Cité des métiers website devoted to young people not enrolled at school informs you of all the measures in place in Geneva to help you (guidance, courses, academic upgrading, social support, etc.).

The VIA – towards integration and self-sufficiency – outreach centres organise welcome clinics for young people aged 15 to 25 who are residents of the City of Geneva and who are experiencing difficulties at school or in their chosen training. They help them to find an activity and a tangible professional project.

The City of Geneva also organises clinics for young people with the aim of obtaining advice and guidance, both on a personal and professional level.

Grants and training aid

In Geneva, depending on your financial or personal situation or on your project, you can benefit from different measures intended to promote training among young people.

Fund for young people (André and Cyprien fund)

The fund for young people (André and Cyprien fund) provides individual or collective support for young marginalised people aged between 15 and 25. It provides three types of aid:

  • start-up aid for small sustainable structures (workshops, sporting and cultural projects);
  • individual and exceptional loans or donations for young people experiencing social and financial difficulties;
  • support for conducting a skills assessment or a cheque for training purposes or for joining a learning and training network.

Grants, loans and allowances

The Study Grants and Loans department (SBPE) of the State of Geneva can award aid in several different forms:

In accordance with precise criteria, the State of Geneva can also grant allowances for an apprenticeship or study programme or to promote training.

If you study at the university, the social health centre of the UNIGE can accompany you in your administrative procedures in order to facilitate your studies.

European Funding Guide has created a new study grants programme for students enrolled at university in Switzerland. The only requirement is that you do not to stand out from the rest! As this institution endeavours to support young people who have had only very few opportunities to obtain a study grant, there are specific conditions with which you need to comply.

Foundations in Geneva

Several foundations in Geneva can also provide valuable assistance in financing your training or professional development.

Finding a part-time job

Every year, the City of Geneva offers young people aged 15 to 22 resident in the municipality the chance to find a summer job lasting three weeks. To benefit from one of the posts on offer, you can apply directly online.

As part of “operation deckchairs”, the Youth Department has job vacancies every summer for young people aged between 16 and 25.

If you live in the canton of Geneva and you are between 15 and 25 years old, the Boîte à Boulot (BAB) can offer you an occasional or short-term jobs requiring no particular skills or qualifications. To see the job offers, you need to register on-site in person during opening hours.

Doing a training placement

Are you coming to the end of your mandatory schooling and you would like to enjoy a short experience of the sector you light choose as your profession? Are you required to find a training placement as part of your studies? Several services or departments of the City of Geneva offer different types of training placement.

The youth department also offers a specialist matura placement for the social work option.

Doing civic service

If you are a conscientious objector to military service and you wish to complete a period of civic service – longer than military service – you can submit a request for admission to the civic service.

Doing your civic service with the City of Geneva

It is possible to complete your  civic service in certain departments of the municipal administration, recognised as appropriate postings by the Federal Civic Service Office.

Finding employment

The practical guide for 18-25 year-olds published by the Hospice Général, “Coup de pouce pour majeur”, contains a section dedicated to looking for a job: you will find a host of valuable information about employment agencies, some of which specialise in young people, advice about writing a CV or cover letter or information about unemployment.

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