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Identification of dogs

Dogs are required to carry certain objects which serve to identify them, such as a name tag.

Control mark

Every dog is required to wear a collar fitted with the official control mark for the current year from 1 April at the latest. This mark is issued by the owner’s municipality of residence. For more information, consult the following procedure page:

Dogs must also wear a collar and a tag indicating the owner’s name, address and telephone number.

Electronic chip

Every dog must be fitted with an electronic chip registered with AMICUS (national database for dogs). This chip must be injected into the left-hand side of the neck by a vet from the 12th week after the dog is born or 10 days after its arrival in the canton of Geneva.

The owners are required to inform AMICUS of any change of situation within 10 days:

  • change of address or telephone number;
  • change of owner;
  • death of the dog.

The AMICUS chip identification certificate is required in order to obtain the official control mark.


The passport for pets is only mandatory if travelling abroad.


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