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Places prohibited to dogs

There are some places and green areas where dogs are strictly prohibited, even if kept on a leash.

Certain places are open to dogs kept on a leash. In other locations, dogs are strictly prohibited. Dogs are strictly prohibited in the following locations:

  • all places where a sign indicates that dogs are prohibited;
  • schools and school yards, children’s play areas and paddling pools;
  • lawns, flowerbeds and plantations along the promenades and in public parks and gardens;
  • premises where food is sold;
  • public baths, beaches and swimming pools (including les Pâquis pier);
  • religious buildings and cemeteries;
  • concert halls;
  • hospitals;
  • woodland and nature reserves;
  • the riverbanks and water within the internationally renowned water bird and migratory bird sanctuary (bay and Rhône), between October and March.

Parks and green areas prohibited to dogs

Generally speaking, dogs are admitted to the city’s parks and green areas on condition they are kept on a leash. There are also some places where dogs may be taken off the leash. Nevertheless, certain parks and green areas are strictly prohibited to dogs:


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