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Obligations for dog owners

Owning a dog means complying with specific legal provisions. Non-compliance can lead to your being fined for committing an offence.

Raising a dog is a responsibility which requires genuine commitment, time, attention and affection. A dog owner must ensure they meet their pet’s needs throughout its entire life in accordance with the legal provisions and advice given by the attending veterinary surgeon or an approved trainer. They must also comply with a series of laws designed to ensure that dogs live intelligently in harmony with their surroundings in an urban area.

Laws and regulations

The obligations applicable to dog owners are stipulated in several cantonal laws and regulations. The Dog Act (LChiens) and the associated Regulations (RChiens) are designed to:

  • ensure the health and well-being of the animals;
  • ensure public safety, hygiene and peace;
  • protect property and the environment.

Other cantonal laws and regulations also apply to dog owners:

Non-compliance with these legal provisions is an offence. Offenders are liable to prosecution.

Controlling the animal

Dog owners must always carry the appropriate equipment to keep their dog under control.

They are responsible for their dog at all times and for any damage it might cause to people, animals, property or wild flora or fauna. They must also ensure that their animal does not frighten passers-by or other animals.

Dog owners must take all necessary precautions to ensure that the animal does not disturb public order by barking or howling.

Other offences

Other offences under the legal provisions relating to dogs may give rise to a fine, for example:


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