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Relational volunteer work

Do you want to become involved in relational volunteer work, providing accompaniment, support and a sympathetic ear? Contact the organisations that coordinate volunteer work!

The volunteer work coordination unit brings together the organisations which offer vulnerable people living either at home or in an institution support, a presence and a sympathetic ear.

List of organisations to contact

If you want to become involved as a volunteer, contact one of the following members according to the type of volunteer work that interests you: 

- The local social outreach centres are coordinating the Troc social project, which promotes a direct exchange of services between inhabitants or partners within the district. Open to all, it aims to develop neighbourhood solidarity ties.

- The Entrelacs association accompanies and supports seriously ill, old people who are lonely or nearing the end of their life, either at home or in a socio-medical institution. It also listens to the needs and moods of the beneficiary.

- Caritas Geneva’s accompaniment service organises relational volunteer work based on presence and a sympathetic ear for people who are old, ill or nearing the end of their life. Having received prior training, volunteers intervene at home and in socio-medical institutions.

- The aim of the Centre genevois du volontariat is to promote volunteer work in the social, humanitarian and cultural sectors. It orients individual volunteers towards a wide range of activities such as weekly house calls or visits to socio-medical institutions for old, ill or handicapped people or taking these people out for short walks, providing various transport services and offering academic support and French lessons for adults.

- Through the coordination of the volunteer service by the town of Lancy’s Social Affairs and Housing Service, a range of services are organised including volunteers visiting senior citizens to chat and provide company and offering tangible assistance in getting around, shopping, going out and more.

- The Geneva Red Cross organises volunteers to visit old people who are lonely in order to reduce their isolation by encouraging social links, thereby making it easier for them to remain in their own home. These visits last 2 hours a week, often in the afternoon but always in accordance with the person’s needs. A volunteer accompanies one or two people for a period of at least one year.

Domilys is a home support group of the Ligue genevoise contre le cancer devoted to people suffering from cancer during difficult periods or at the end of life. One 2- or 3- hour visit is scheduled per week, always by the same volunteer who accompanies one case at any one time for the necessary period, which may last several months. Possibility of replacement during holidays.

- ESCA CancerSupport is an organisation consisting of professionals and volunteers trained with regard to the impact of a cancer diagnosis. It offers patients, families and carers emotional support, practical help and activities promoting physical well-being, free and in English.

- The health unit of the Protestant chaplaincy of the HUG and the ministry of chaplaincy to the socio-medical institutions and private clinics proposes relational, spiritual and/or religious support in the institutions concerned. 

- The Geneva teaching hospitals (HUG) organise a sharing and discussion time, support or a simple presence, with volunteers trained to listen and accompany. These volunteers work in close cooperation with the healthcare team.

- The Réseau Seniors Vernier (RSV) organises volunteer house visits for vulnerable senior citizens within the municipality of Vernier in order to combat isolation and promote comfortable living and solidarity. The Social Cohesion Service of the town of Vernier organises specific training for volunteers and professional accompaniment enabling volunteer/senior citizen pairs to be created in order to form a long-term relationship of trust.

- The volunteers of the Social Service of the municipality of Genthod accompany senior citizens when they go out (drivers), as well as organising visits, games, walks and other activities chosen by the volunteer/senior citizen pairs together.

- Volunteers accompany people at the end of life living in the Maison de Tara, along with their loved ones. They help with the household chores and support the work of external carers.

Other associations offering opportunities for volunteer work

If you are a member of an association or an institution which offers opportunities for relational volunteer work and you wish to join the volunteer work coordination unit, please do not hesitate to contact the ASP Servette Petit-Saconnex/Saint-Jean. The contact details are presented below.

ASP Servette Petit-Saconnex/Saint-Jean

1202 Genève

Tél. + 41 22 418 97 90
Fax + 41 22 418 97 91

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