Lunch in the school canteen

School canteens provide pupils enrolled in the City of Geneva with balanced lunches.

les plats du restaurant scolaire

The school canteens are open to all children enrolled in primary school. Each school has a dedicated canteen either on its own premises or in a nearby school.

The school canteens are intended to ease the burden on parents during the lunch break. Each child has the option of having lunch in their school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Meal prices

Meals are billed on a subscription basis by the school kitchens and canteens associations at the following rates:

  • 1 meal per week: CHF 27 per month
  • 2 meals per week: CHF 54 per month
  • 3 meals per week: CHF 81 per month
  • 4 meals per week: CHF 108 per month

This flat-rate price is based on an individual meal price of CHF 7.50. The details are indicated in the billing regulations available from the school kitchens and canteens associations.

These amounts do not include supervision, which is billed separately by the Groupement intercommunal pour l'animation parascolaire (GIAP). Extracurricular lunchtime supervision is billed at a rate of CHF 5 per day. Learn more about extracurricular supervision (GIAP).

School canteen fees may be covered by the City of Geneva. Any family with one or more children eating in one of the school canteens subsidised by the City of Geneva can request assistance. Learn more about assistance with paying school canteen fees.


Every child is entitled to eat at the canteen according to their parents’ needs:

  • one lunchtime per week;
  • several lunchtimes per week;
  • every lunchtime during the week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

Composition of the meals

The school canteens in Geneva provide healthy, varied and balanced meals carrying the Fourchette verte junior label.

The meals consist of:

  • a foodstuff rich in proteins: meat, fish, cheese, egg or tofu;
  • a raw and/or cooked vegetable;
  • a carbohydrate: cereals (wheat, corn, rice, millet, etc.), potatoes or pulses and bread;
  • a dessert: for the most part a fruit or dairy dessert;
  • a drink: water only.

Limited quantities of fat are used, in accordance with the recommendations of Fourchette verte. The quantities of food provided satisfy the children’s requirements.

Locally-sourced food in the school canteens!

The City of Geneva prioritises regional products in its school canteens. Every day, two products carrying the “Genève Région – Terre Avenir” label are served. Every month, the children are served a local menu. The information pamphlet can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Supervision of the children

The GIAP provides supervision of the children over lunchtime until afternoon classes start again (11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.). Fun activities are organised according to the age and desires of each child.

Map of the school canteens


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