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Emergency nurseries

Emergency nurseries welcome children from the end of the mother’s maternity leave until school age on a temporary basis during emergency situations.

The two emergency nurseries in the City of Geneva provide children with reassuring care adapted to their needs, enabling them to be part of a group through activities, games and care suited to their age.

Who are emergency nurseries intended for?

The emergency nurseries provide a response to an urgent and temporary need for childcare from the end of the mother’s maternity leave until school age in the following situations:

  • parent with a health problem;
  • mandatory course or training placement linked to unemployment;
  • sudden return to work;
  • sudden loss of a childcare solution;
  • critical family situation.

This solution is only intended for children living in the City of Geneva.

Type of care and opening times

The childcare is available for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks. The children can benefit from full-time or part-time care, with a minimum of 3 half-days per week. Enrolment is agreed between the family and the management of the care structure according to the needs of the family and the duration of the situation.

The emergency nurseries are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

These childcare centres provide a peaceful environment which helps the children develop solid reference points, despite the emergency situation. The children are generally placed in small groups in order to facilitate their integration.


Registrations are handled by the early childhood information office (BIPE). The family must prove the urgency of the situation by means of different documents which will be requested during the registration process (e.g. invitation to a training course, doctor’s note, etc.).

Working in close collaboration with the emergency nurseries, the BIPE manages the allocation of the place corresponding to a family’s request (age of the child, subscription available, length of the placement, etc.).

How will your application be processed?

The application (together with the required documents) is sent to the emergency nurseries if there is a place corresponding to the family’s request. It is kept open by the BIPE for one month.

Access to a place in an emergency nursery does not grant priority with regard to places managed by the early childhood information office (BIPE).


For placements of no more than two weeks, the price is set at CHF 32 per day (fixed rate independent of income).
For an extended stay, the price is determined by the nurseries and early childcare pricing chart.

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