deux enfants jouent ensemble

These daycare structures welcome children on a regular half-day basis without providing lunch.

From Monday 27 April, the nurseries subsidised by the City of Geneva will expand their minimum care service that has been in place since 16 March 2020. The City recommends that families call the facility which would normally take care of their child in order to check if there is space for him/her. This change in the care service provided is subject to the current health criteria as well as strict supervision standards. More information

A telephone hotline is in place to provide you with information from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 12:00, tel. 022 418 81 81.

Kindergarten is a place intended for regular attendance where social skills are developed. Its primary aim is to teach children aged 2 to 4 to live and play together.

Kindergarten is open on a half-day basis, which means that children cannot spend all day here.

Age of the children

Children are welcome in kindergartens from 18 months until school age.

Opening times

Kindergartens are generally closed on Wednesdays and during the school holidays.

A typical day

Discover the typical day of a child who attends a kindergarten in the City of Geneva:


It is possible for children to attend kindergarten between 2 and 5 mornings or afternoons per week. The attendance schedule depends on the availability of the kindergarten.


Period of adaptation

Adaptation is a period of integration implemented in collaboration with the parents. It is a fundamental step which serves to reassure children by gradually ensuring they become accustomed to separation and creating a mutual relation of trust. It can last for between 1 and 3 weeks.


Service de la petite enfance

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Service de la petite enfance

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