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Early childhood: new rates from autumn 2019

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A pricing reform will take effect from the academic year 2019-2020 in the early childhood institutions subsidised by the City of Geneva. This will facilitate the process of enrolling a child, simplify the calculation of the fees and harmonise rates with the prices practised in other municipalities throughout the canton.

From Monday 27 April, the nurseries subsidised by the City of Geneva will expand their minimum care service that has been in place since 16 March 2020. The City recommends that families call the facility which would normally take care of their child in order to check if there is space for him/her. This change in the care service provided is subject to the current health criteria as well as strict supervision standards. More information

A telephone hotline is in place to provide you with information from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 12:00, tel. 022 418 81 81.

Simplification of the system

From 1 November 2019, the fees will be calculated on the basis of the tax statement provided by the cantonal tax office instead of the numerous documents required until now.

For people who do not receive such a tax statement, the calculation will continue to refer to the statement of annual earnings and other useful documents. In the event of a change in family situation or income (+/- 20%), this rate can be revised during the course of the year.

The rate calculated will be set for the entire academic year, thereby enabling families to incorporate this into their budget precisely. Furthermore, families will only have to provide one single document.

Increase in fees

The contributions of families to the cost of enrolling a child in the institutions will be adapted in order to take account of rising prices. The scales applied by the City of Geneva will also more closely reflect those applied by the other municipalities.

A floor price will be introduced while the maximum rate will be set at 20,000 francs per year. Furthermore, the contributions requested from the families will be subject to a slight increase.

Deduction of childcare costs

The increase in childcare costs will be offset by a change in the law relating to the taxation of natural persons, which will enable families to deduct effective childcare costs up to 25,000 francs per child (instead of 3,992 francs as at present).

To benefit from this deduction, you must keep the certificate of your childcare costs which will be provided by your childcare institution and include it with your next tax declaration.

This reform guarantees increased transparency and greater equality for all families.

Further questions?

The administrative staff of the early childcare institutions are best qualified to answer any questions you might have. Please do not hesitate to contact them.
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