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Parents-children meeting places

There are different places intended for parents who have questions or are experiencing difficulties in relation to their role. Accompanied by their children, they can go there to meet parenthood specialists.

The Cerf-volant parents-children reception centre

The Cerf-volant reception centre is a meeting place and recreational centre for children of any age up to their 4th birthday. The children come with their parents or another adult who can receive guidance concerning their difficulties and questions.

Espace parents-enfants

The Espace Parents-Enfants welcomes parents and their children up to the age of 12. In this refreshment centre, primarily intended for families in a precarious situation, lunch is provided free of charge.

Parents-children reception centre in les Charmilles, la Jonction and Champel-Malagnou

With the support of the City of Geneva, the Ecole des parents provides families in the districts of les Charmilles, la Jonction and Champel-Malagnou with centres where they can meet parenthood professionals. As a parent, you can visit these centres with your children without needing to make an appointment.

Preventive action in the family environment 

Free and confidential, parents encountering difficulties with the education of their children aged 4 to 15 can seek academic assistance. This is indented for families living in the City of Geneva.

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