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Preventive action in the family environment

In collaboration with the Fondation Officielle de la Jeunesse (FOJ), the City of Geneva provides education assistance for parents who encounter difficulties in the education of their children aged 4 to 15. Free and confidential, the “Preventive action in the family environment” service (APMF) is available to all families resident in the City of Geneva.

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Are you encountering difficulties in educating your children? Is your authority called into question? If your family relations are strained, this parenting support may be of interest to you.

Freephone number

Since January 2018, all families resident in the City of Geneva have had the opportunity to benefit from free, confidential and personalised educational assistance at home.

A freephone number is available: 022 309 57 82.

Parental coaching

Preventive action in the family environment is a preventive tool. In tangible terms, an education professional visits families who have submitted a request in order to provide assistance according to their needs and availabilities. This person provides expertise in the form of listening and accompaniment with a view to identifying, in collaboration with the family members, the most suitable solutions to improve the situation at home.

Free subscription and confidentiality

This assistance at home provides a helping hand to overcome the difficulties experienced by numerous parents in their daily lives, in particular during the more delicate moments in a child’s education. The “Preventive action in the family environment” project is based on a relationship of trust and the free subscription of the families. It is part of the action plan to promote the rights of the child adopted by the administrative council and within the framework of the parenting support policy developed by the City of Geneva.


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