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Play areas

Almost a hundred play areas are scattered around the school yards and public parks of the City of Geneva. A key element of neighbourhood life, these recreational areas specially designed for children are an ideal place for families to meet.

des enfants s'amusent sur une place de jeux

Supervised playgrounds for children, these areas are also places where families can meet up and relax.

Popular with the young and old alike, the play areas are a strategic part of neighbourhood life. Children can make use of the symbolic and movement games as well as the sandpits, sports facilities and paddling pools.


Since 2005, the play areas are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with European standards. Those deemed non-compliant are quickly renovated.

The new facilities:

  • are made from long-lasting materials requiring minimum maintenance;
  • prioritise installations that blend perfectly into their surroundings and in no way detract from the beauty of the settings;
  • make use of all trends currently in vogue in the field of play activities.

Types of games

The games installed in the City’s play areas can be divided into four categories.

Symbolic games

  • any object designed to look like an animal or sculpture (wood, ferro-cement);
  • huts;
  • vehicles (tractors, cars, etc. where children can meet and tell each other stories).

Movement games

  • merry-go-rounds;
  • games mounted on springs;
  • rocking horses;
  • swings;
  • zip lines;
  • etc.

Multifunctional games

  • tower structures with slides;
  • climbing nets;
  • aerial walkways;
  • firemen’s poles;
  • etc.

Sand games

  • mainly sandpits.

Maps of play areas


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