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Place of origin and right of citizenship

Linked to the place of origin, the right of citizenship stipulates a Swiss citizen’s affiliation with a municipality and a canton. It is handed on from parents to their child or is acquired by naturalisation and determines the political rights and duties of any citizen of the Confederation.

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Place of origin

The place of origin is indicated on the identity card. Every family comes from one or more municipalities where their civil status information is archived and kept up to date, independent of their place of residence.

Right of citizenship

According to the federal constitution, “any person with a municipal right of citizenship and cantonal right of citizenship has Swiss citizenship” (art. 37). Linked to the place of origin, the right of citizenship provides a link between the municipality, the canton and Swiss nationality. It determines the civil rights and duties of the Swiss citizen.

Acquiring the right of citizenship

Right of citizenship is currently acquired either by decision (ordinary or facilitated procedure of naturalisation or reintegration) or by filiation, transmitted from parents to their child, even if the latter is adopted.

A minor acquires the cantonal and municipal rights of citizenship of the Swiss parent whose name he/she bears.

Marriage has not affected the right of citizenship since 1 January 2013.

Certificate of origin

Drawn up on the basis of the register of persons, the certificate of origin stipulates possession of a specified right of citizenship. It becomes invalid if the status of the holder changes in any way. It is required by certain cantons in the event of a change of residence.

Place of origin and right of citizenship in the event of naturalisation

Foreigners who have become naturalised citizens can choose their place of origin between the municipality in which they live or a municipality in which they previously lived. Foreigners who acquire nationality by marrying a Swiss national (facilitated procedure) obtain the right of citizenship of their spouse.

There are several competent authorities with regard to obtaining the right of citizenship depending on the nationality of the applicant who is resident in Geneva, the Swiss Confederation or abroad.


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