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Declaring a birth

The management team of the establishment in which the child was born must declare the birth to the Civil Registry Office within a deadline of 3 days. In the case of children born at home, this procedure can be performed by any person who attended the birth.

Associated administrative procedures

Opening hours: 8h30 to 11h45 and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Un nouveau-né dort paisiblement dans la chambre d'hôpital de sa maman.

A birth is registered by the civil registry office in the municipality in which the birth occurred. Depending on the place of birth, the declaration required for the birth to be registered is the responsibility of the management team of the medical establishment where the birth occurred or the person who attended the birth.


This declaration must be made within a deadline of 3 days after the birth.

Birth in a hospital facility

The management team of the hospital or medical establishment in which the child was born declares the birth to the relevant civil registry office. A branch of the civil registry office has now been set up in the maternity ward of the HUG, the most common place of birth in the canton. The presence of a civil registry officer on site facilitates the registration of new-born babies and ensures that information is available concerning the procedure for registering a birth. Located on the ground floor, the branch is open every afternoon and all day Monday.

Birth in a different location

Any person who attended the birth (father, midwife, doctor, etc.) is required to declare the birth to the relevant civil registry office.

The birth certificate

The birth certificate can be requested from the civil registry office which registered the birth. This document indicates:

  • the place, data and time of birth;
  • the surname(s);
  • the first name(s).

It also provides information relating to the parents, including their surname, first names, place of origin and place of residence.


Live birth

The child is recorded in the civil registry with all their personal information: surname, first name, date of birth, sex, citizenship, paternal and maternal filiation. The child can be recognised. A birth certificate can be issued. The child has a legal personality (art. 31 al. 1 CC).

Stillborn child

A child is deemed to be stillborn if it shows no signs of life upon delivery and if its weight is at least 500 grammes or if the period of gestation lasted at least 22 full weeks (art. 9al. 1 OEC). The child is recorded in the civil registry but does not have a legal personality. It is possible to give a stillborn child a name, but it does not acquire citizenship. The child can be recognised in the civil registry. The civil registry office issues a confirmation of birth, which is sent to the family. The child appears on the family certificate as a stillborn child. No birth or death certificate is issued.

Non-viable delivery

A child is deemed to be non-viable if it does not show any signs of life at the time of delivery, if it weighs less than 500 grammes and the period of gestation did not last at least 22 full weeks (art. 9a al. 1 OEC). A non-viable child does not have a legal personality and their delivery is not recorded in the civil register.

A non-viable child can be announced at any civil registry by each parent using the form provided. The announcement must be accompanied by a copy of an ID document of the person who submits the announcement and a certificate from a doctor or the midwife confirming the arrival of a non-viable child. Upon request to the civil registry office, the latter can draw up a confirmation certificate if the event took place in Switzerland or if the applicant’s domicile or usual residence is in Switzerland or if the applicant is Swiss. No civil status certificate is issued as no act is recorded in the Infostar civil register. The person who brought such a child into the world before 1 January 2019 can announce the delivery of the child to the civil registry office until 31 December 2023 and can obtain a certificate of confirmation.

The announcement can be made by means of the form available for download at the bottom of the page.


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