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Getting married or converting a partnership into a marriage

Une jeune mariée tient un bouquet de fleurs coloré lors de son mariage.

Heterosexual and homosexual couples have the possibility of having their union recognised officially. This section provides you with useful information concerning the conditions and impacts of a civil marriage and the conversion of a registered partnership into a marriage, as well as the places where these can be celebrated in the City of Geneva.


Marriage for all comes into effect in Geneva

Getting married in Geneva

This section presents all the information useful to couples wishing to celebrate a civil marriage in Geneva. It explains the procedures to be followed, the conditions and documents required and the different matrimonial regimes possible. It explains any legal impacts of the marriage, in particular concerning surnames, children, nationality or taxes.

Having your status as a couple recognised by means of a partnership 

In Geneva, heterosexual and same-sex couples can have their conjugal life and status as a couple recognised by means of a partnership: the cantonal partnership Geneva, which has symbolic value.

Converting the registered federal registered partnership into a marriage

Couples who were in a registered civil partnership before 1 July 2022 can convert their partnership into a marriage at any time by means of a joint declaration before a civil registrar. This conversion can be performed at the registry office of their choice by means of a declaration before a registrar or, on request, the declaration can be delivered as part of a ceremony in the marriage celebration venue in the presence of two witnesses of sound mind 18 years of age or older. The conversion declaration may also be filed with a Swiss diplomatic representation abroad. The conversion has no effect on the name. It does not permit the issuance of a marriage certificate, but acts merely as a proof of conversion.

Couples who were in a registered civil partnership before 1 July 2022 can also decide to initiate a preparatory marriage procedure instead of converting their partnership into a marriage. This procedure makes it possible to obtain a marriage certificate and possibly to choose a common name.

Cantonal partnership Geneva

The cantonal partnership Geneva enables homosexual or heterosexual couples to have their cohabitation and their status as a couple recognised. It has only symbolic or limited value in terms of cantonal public law and does not result in any change in the partners’ marital status. Its validity is limited to the canton of Geneva.

Matrimonial regimes

The matrimonial regime is a set of provisions governing and sharing a couple’s assets, regardless of whether they are married or have concluded a registered partnership.

Marriage and surname

People who have married retain their name. They can also adopt a common surname.

Venues for celebrating a marriage or partnership in Geneva

In the City of Geneva, civil marriage and registered partnership ceremonies are conducted at the Civil Registry Office, located in the former town hall of the Eaux-Vives district. Two dedicated rooms are also available for large-scale ceremonies.

Recognising foreign marriages or partnerships

A marriage, partnership or same-sex marriage duly contracted abroad is recognised in Switzerland if it complies with the principles of Swiss law.

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