Cantonal partnership in Geneva

The cantonal partnership in Geneva enables homosexual or heterosexual couples to have their cohabitation and their status as a couple recognised. It has only symbolic or limited value in terms of cantonal public law and does not result in any change in the partners’ marital status.

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The Geneva law on partnerships came into effect on 5 May 2001. It enables heterosexual and homosexual couples to have their cohabitation and their status as a couple recognised.

Two people who wish to have their cohabitation and their status as a couple recognised can make a declaration of partnership before an officer or employee of the civil registry office of the place of residence of one of the two partners.

What to do

The partners must complete the request form with a view to contracting a cantonal partnership (available e-mail, for download below or at the counter), sign it and return it by post or by e-mail together with a copy of the identity documents of both partners ( No information is provided at the counter.

Conditions for declaring a cantonal partnership

If you wish to have your cantonal partnership declared, you and your partner must satisfy the following conditions:

  • be adults;
  • be capable of discernment;
  • not be married, bound by a registered partnership or a partner under the Geneva law on partnerships; 
  • one of you must be resident in the canton.

Certificate of cantonal partnership in Geneva

The certificate testifies to the official nature of the partnership and the partners’ right to be treated in the same way as married persons in their dealings with the public administration, with the exception of taxation and the allocation of welfare benefits unless otherwise stipulated by a provision under public law.

More symbolic in nature, it has only limited effect under cantonal public law and does not confer any veritable rights on the partners (in particular in terms of inheritance) in contrast to the federal registered partnership. It does not change the marital status of the partners.

Its validity is limited to the canton of Geneva.



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