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Marriage for all in Geneva

Same-sex couples, like heterosexual couples, are now able to initiate a preparatory marriage procedure at the civil registry office.

Un coeur en peinture au couleurs LGBTIQ+

The enactment on 1 July 2022 of the new provisions governing marriage for all puts same-sex couples on the same footing as heterosexual couples in terms of initiating a preparatory marriage procedure.

Civil partnerships are longer an option in Switzerland. Existing civil partnerships can be maintained without the partners having to make a special declaration.

Conversion of partnership to marriage

Couples in a civil partnership before 1 July 2022 may convert their partnership into a marriage at any time by means of a joint declaration before a registrar. This conversion can be performed at the registry office of their choice by means of a declaration before a registrar or, on request, the declaration can be delivered as part of a ceremony in the marriage celebration venue in the presence of two witnesses of sound mind 18 years of age or older.

The conversion declaration may also be filed with a Swiss diplomatic representation abroad. The conversion has no effect on the name. It does not permit the issuance of a marriage certificate, but acts merely as a proof of conversion.

Couples in a civil partnership before 1 July 2022 may also decide to initiate a preparatory marriage procedure instead of converting their partnership into a marriage. This procedure makes it possible to obtain a marriage certificate and possibly choose a common name.

Presumption of parenthood

If the mother is married to a woman at the time of the birth and the child was conceived by means of sperm donation in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Act on Medically Assisted Reproduction of 18 December 1998, the mother’s wife is the child’s other parent.


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