You need to be well organised for everything to run smoothly when you move home. Discover a selection of practical information and useful links for anyone moving home, regardless of whether you are moving to Geneva or leaving the city and the canton.

Moving to Geneva

If you move to Geneva, either alone or with your family, the Moving to Geneva page presents a series of steps to be taken while providing a wealth of information to help you explore the city.

Announcing your move

Declaration of domicile and certificate of residence

The Domicile and residence page presents all the useful information concerning the declaration of domicile and certificate of residence. You will also learn how to announce your arrival, your departure or your move within the territory of the City of Geneva to the civil registry office (for people born in Geneva of with Swiss nationality) or to the Cantonal Office of Population and Migration. 

Anyone in the process of moving or who has recently moved must also announce their new postal address to a number of different institutions such as the industrial services (SIG), their child’s school or nursery, their doctors, the tax office and any institution with which they have signed a subscription agreement (health and house insurance, telephone and Internet provider, etc.). A more exhaustive list of institutions and other contacts to be informed of your change of address is available on the ASLOCA website.

Leave to move home

In work contracts under private law, the law (art. 329, paragraph 3 CO) stipulates that an employer shall grant a worker the time required by specific events, such as moving house. More information on the website of the Confederation: leave and public holidays

The work conditions under public law in a company or administrative institution belonging to the state are generally subject to specific rules.

Removing bulky objects

If, when moving, you wish to get rid of bulky household objects and you live in the City of Geneva, you can contact the street cleaning department – clean city by phone or e-mail to ask for their help free of charge: Requesting the removal of a bulky object.

Motor vehicles

Vehicle owners must contact the cantonal vehicles department, as the place of residence is taken into account when registering a vehicle.

You can find more detailed information on parking, changing registration plates and driving licences on the Moving to Geneva page.

Leaving Geneva

It is necessary to complete several procedures when leaving the Canton of Geneva definitively. Providing notification of your departure, cancelling your subscriptions and completing customs formalities are all key tasks.

La Ville de Genève ne peut garantir qu’elle détient les dernières informations concernant d'autres institutions publiques ou privées. Si vous constatez une erreur, signalez-la en écrivant un courriel à

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