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Culture for all

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Accessibility measures are implemented to ensure that culture can play its integrative role to the full by encouraging dialogue and discussion.

A fall in income, a temporary handicap, a situation of exclusion, a migratory history and constraints linked to age are all aspects of life which can hinder access to the city’s cultural services. From young children to senior citizens, however, everyone must find their place in the cultural offering. 

Eliminating the financial restriction

The City provides for a wide range of free or low-cost cultural offerings. Events, museums, libraries, shows... Each discipline is doubling its efforts to ensure that the financial issue does not hamper access to culture.

  • Access to the permanent collections of the municipal museums is free at all times, while the temporary exhibitions are also free on the first Sunday of every month. Furthermore, the museum pass offers a wide range of advantages. More detailed information is available on the Museums of Geneva website
  • Located in each district, the municipal libraries also offer free access, be it to register as a reader or to consult the works. Throughout the year, they organise numerous free activities including story-telling, exhibitions, readings, workshops for people of all ages.
  • Funded by the City and the partner municipalities, the cultural cheque book is a measure intended for people with low income which can be used in a wide cultural network.
  • The City of Geneva finances invitations offered to people who make use of social associations and organisations.
  • At several theatres, reduced-price tickets are available to senior citizens who are members of a network of partner associations, thanks to the support of the City.

Satisfying specific needs of the public

  • Tailor-made programmes: The City organises tailor-made cultural seasons for senior citizens. It also selects a cultural programme that can be enjoyed by English-speakers. 
  • Adaptation of the service: The needs of handicapped people require the service to be adapted. The City employs a whole range of actions designed to facilitate access to culture for these sections of the public.
  • Cultural participation: In many events organised by the City, the public is not only a visitor or spectator, but is also invited to take part in the creation process.
  • Digital: New tools have been dreamt up in response to changing uses, such as websites promoting heritage sites, fun applications, etc. 
  • Mediation: Cultural and scientific mediators accompany visitors as they discover cultural offerings; they employ a wide range of means designed to encourage audiences to explore artistic creations or natural and scientific phenomena while promoting discussions with professionals in the field of culture.
  • Cultural offer for young people and families


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