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Culture for all

Accessibility measures are implemented to ensure that culture can play its integrative role to the full by encouraging dialogue and discussion.

Reopening of cultural sites: new stage from Saturday 6 June

Promoting integration through culture. Integration should be understood in the broadest sense of the word – removing financial restrictions on the consumption of culture, welcoming people from wide-ranging sociocultural backgrounds and not discriminating against people suffering from a handicap.

Free access

The events organised by the City are more often than not free of charge and the summer months boast a particularly rich and wide-ranging programme of events including Mai en fanfares, La Ville est à vous, Fête de la musique, Nuit de la science, Musiques en été festival, la Fureur de lire, and Poésie en ville.

The 12 museums in the City Geneva open their doors on the first Sunday of every month, offering visitors free access to their temporary exhibitions. Admission to the collections is free all year round.

Located in each district, the municipal libraries also offer free access, be it to register as a reader or to consult the works. Throughout the year, they organise numerous free activities for people of all ages including stories, exhibitions, readings, workshops, etc.

Reduced rates

Thanks to the “access to culture” credit, the Department of Culture offers reduced rates to certain categories of the population in order to encourage them to take advantage of the rich cultural offering in Geneva. This credit funds measures for young people, senior citizens and people with low incomes:

With this in mind, the Department of Culture and Sport has introduced the cultural cheque book.

Museum pass

The museum pass is valid for 16 museums in Geneva, offering visitors a range of advantages. Available for CHF 40 and valid for one full year from the first time it is used, the museum pass invites visitors to enjoy a host of museum experiences. It is on sale at the ticket offices of partner museums as well as from the Department of Culture and Sport and the City of Geneva Information Centre.

More detailed information is available on the Museums of Geneva website

Reception and cultural and scientific mediation

Essential to removing sociocultural barriers, specific measures are being introduced in museums and libraries to facilitate proximity with the public, as well as in certain leading institutions such as the Grand Théâtre. Reception staff guide visitors and provide them with information. Cultural and scientific mediators accompany visitors as they discover the cultural essence of the different events; they employ a wide range of means designed to encourage audiences to explore artistic creations or natural and scientific phenomena while promoting discussions with professionals in the field of culture be they artists, researchers, authors, directors, restorers or producers.


One of the priorities the City of Geneva has set itself is to facilitate access to culture for everyone. With this in mind, particular attention is also paid to handicapped people.


Direction du Département de la culture et de la transition numérique

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