Reception and cultural mediation

To facilitate dialogue between the public and professionals in the field of culture, different reception charters have been established.

Une guide faisant une visite d'exposition

Visite guidée , religion de L'Extase au MEG. Genève, Août 2018 ©Nicolas Righetti/Lundi13

As a declaration of professional ethics, a reception charter lists the main commitments of Geneva-based institutions and determines the services that users are entitled to expect from any department open to the public. It is a visible element of the global quality policy relating to a department and its activities. It serves to consolidate the forum for dialogue with the public and represents a genuine reciprocal communication tool.

Cultural mediator of museums charter

The cultural mediator charter was drafted in November 2007 by the members of the Assembly of cultural/scientific mediators active within the museums of the City of Geneva’s Culture Department. It is based on the ICOM code of ethics and the definition of the profession provided by MEDIAMUS, the Swiss Association of Cultural Mediators of Museums. It applies to any sector of activity or any person fulfilling responsibilities in the field of cultural mediation in museums, and meets the need to establish an institutional basis for the profession.

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