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Access to cultural life in Geneva for senior citizens

Working in collaboration with the relevant associations and services, the City of Geneva organises several actions to facilitate access to the city’s cultural life for senior citizens.

Un senior regardant une exposition.


  • The City of Geneva, in collaboration with the Cinémas du Grütli, organises four annual cycles of five cinema showings offering the opportunity to discover or re-watch a selection of classic films thanks to a programme full of finesse and passion. Reserved for senior citizens, the showings take place at 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Mondays in the Maison des arts d Grütli, at a cost of 5 Swiss francs per ticket.


  • A choice of novels in large print (more than 800 new publications) as well as texts recorded on audio cassettes and CDs available from the municipal libraries of the City of Geneva;
  • A home book lending service for people with limited mobility. Information on 022 418 92 70 (answer phone) or 022 418 32 50,


  • Tickets at reduced rates (10 francs) for the Sunday concerts at the Victoria Hall intended for members of senior citizen groups as well as senior citizens benefiting from social service allowances. Cité Seniors, a place for living and sharing, dedicated to senior citizens.


  • Tickets at reduced rates (10 francs) in partner theatres during public performance (Am Stram Gram, La Comédie de Genève, Théâtre du Grütli, Théâtre du Loup, Les Marionnettes de Genève, Le Théâtre de l'Orangerie, Le Poche, le Théâtre St-Gervais and Scène Vagabonde festival), intended for members of senior citizen groups;

Tailor-made shows

Developed specifically for senior citizens who cannot or do not want to go out in the evening, the Department of Culture and Sport of the City of Geneva organises morning shows. The programme includes plays, dance shows, concerts and operas organised at 2.30 p.m. and costing only 10 francs per ticket for members of senior citizens’ groups and senior citizens who benefit from the services of the Social Service.

List of partner groups

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