Geneva is home to numerous public and private museums, art centres and galleries, all striving to outdo each other not only in the sophistication of their displays but also in the acquisition, conservation, and researching of their outstanding exhibits. English-speakers will have no difficulties in enjoying this rich variety of presentations.

Prise de vue, intérieur du musée d'histoire naturelle

From botany to archaeology and the fine arts, from natural history to the history of the Reformation and from ceramics to ethnography, the museums of Geneva explore every field of knowledge and expertise. Geneva can take great pride in this remarkably extensive offer combined with a rich and diversified programme.

Public museums

Public and private museums

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In addition to their reference exhibitions presenting the emblematic artefacts and works in their collections, the museums of Geneva serve up a rich programme of temporary exhibitions, visits and activities of every kind which can be consulted on the website

Cultural Trails

The cultural circuits from one museum to another offer visitors the chance to explore museums from a different standpoint. The museums are grouped together by district and the walk from one to the next offers an opportunity to make a number of discoveries as edifying as they are amusing. Monuments, public works of art or historical anecdotes and tips of the hat bring that little extra to a walk between past and present, shedding light on the development of the city over the centuries. 

Nuit des Musées

Every year in May, the Nuit des Musées offers regular visitors the chance to see a museum from a different angle while others can discover new places in a jovial and colourful atmosphere. Each new edition focuses on a theme underpinning the programme of events organised by the museums, which unveil creative treasures to offer visitors original and fascinating experiences.

Accessibility measures

To ensure that these offerings can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, the City implements numerous accessibility measures, in particular through appropriate pricing policies. In the city’s museums, the areas dedicated to permanent collections can be explored free of charge. And on the first Sunday of every month, the temporary exhibitions are also free. People who have a low income can make use of their cultural cheque book. For permanently or temporarily handicapped people, the City also proposes access measures, such as visits adapted to their needs. Furthermore, since October 2017, the association Cédille has developed the website Culture accessible Genève in order to promote cultural events accessible to people suffering from a sensory, physical or mental handicap.

Museum pass

The museum pass is valid for 16 museums in Geneva, offering visitors a range of advantages. Available for CHF 40 and valid for one full year from the first time it is used, the museum pass invites visitors to enjoy a host of museum experiences. It is on sale at the ticket offices of partner museums as well as from the Department of Culture and Sport and the City of Geneva Information Centre.


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