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Geneva boasts a particularly dynamic choreographic scene thanks to the presence of internationally renowned local dance troupes and to the efforts of the Association pour la danse contemporaine (ADC), which undeniably plays a leading role in this field.

Des danseuses pendant un spectacle.

Fête de la musique 2018.

Many companies and choreographers have contributed to giving Geneva its reputation in the field of dance. To promote this form of artistic expression, the ADC plays the role of the nerve centre, maintaining a national and international network.

The Association pour la danse Contemporaine (ADC)

Since 2004, the ADC has provisionally been based in the Salle des Eaux-Vives, but the project to develop a dance pavilion on Place Sturm has now been approved. Its shows are also performed outside the usual locations, for example with occasional events at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices and a programme for the Fête de la Musique. The association has also published a newsletter since 1994, organises public mediation workshops and runs a documentation centre where visitors can consulter numerous works, reviews and videos.

Multi-disciplinary programmes

Also active in the field of contemporary dance are the Ballet du Grand Théâtre and several local theatres around Geneva which include dance in their multi-disciplinary programme. A dance section is also proposed by major festivals in Geneva, such as Bâtie and Antigel. The Passedanse project promotes this diversity by enabling the general public to visit the different theatres around the city and in neighbouring France.  

Events devoted to dance

Contemporary dance is also given pride of place during other national events, such as the Steps biennial and the Swiss contemporary dance days, reflecting the diversity of approaches and aesthetics.

Every spring, the people of Geneva are invited to try their hand at all types of dance during the Fête de la Danse, while the Groove’n’move festival offers a specialist insight into the world of urban dance since 2011.

Consult all the events focusing on dance in the diary!

Reduced rates

The City of Geneva, in collaboration with a network of partners, provides different target groups with financial and accompaniment measures designed to facilitate access to cultural happenings in Geneva.

The ADC as well as a number of theatres and festivals participate in the chéquier culture, which enables people with low incomes to take advantage of the cultural offer.

Tickets at reduced rates for senior citizens are available from certain partner theatres.

The 20ans/20 francs card offers young people free access to shows.


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