With the aim of conserving its photographic heritage and aiding new artists working in the field of photography, the City of Geneva has actively strengthened its support for the 8th art.

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From black and white snapshots of Asia as seen by Alfred Bertrand to the travels of Laurence Deonna in potential conflict zones, Geneva’s photographic tradition has been laid out by prominent figures who, thanks to their adventurous spirit and a desire to see the world and tell its stories, have made a key contribution to photographic reporting.

New photographic diary

Fully aware of its prestigious history and the role played by its institutions, the City of Geneva has made photography one of the focal points of its cultural policy through a number of new initiatives launched in 2016. Throughout the year, numerous photographic events are now scheduled in the cultural diary. In 2017, photography was placed centre stage with the nuit de la photo, "No’Photo", a free, diverse event held in several locations within the city centre.

50JPG (50 days for photography in Geneva)

The 50JPG event devoted to photography is held every three years and was initiated by the Centre de la photographie Genève (CPG) in 2003. It includes exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Support for creativity

Photography is also promoted in Geneva through an annual grant worth 25,000 francs awarded to a photographic project of a documentary nature. Furthermore, the Department of Culture and Sport commissions one photographer every year to conduct a photographic investigation of a specific theme, explored from different standpoints over a period of three years. In addition to the collections exhibited by the different institutions, photography takes to the streets, regularly taking over public areas to reach a wide audience which can discover the medium of photography while seeing the city from a different angle.

Photographic agencies

Photography in galleries and agencies

The public institutions, museums, private art centres and galleries organise regular exhibitions which reflect the dynamic nature and talent of contemporary photographers. By showcasing the precious works of independent photographers from Geneva, these organisations help promote photography in Geneva.


Numerous art galleries in Geneva are devoted to photography. To see the programmes and vernissage dates, visit the website L'Art à Genève.

Agencies and collectives

Geneva boasts a large group of internationally-renowned professional photographers, both independent and organised into agencies or collectives.

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