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Leading lights in the field of photography in Geneva

The world of photography in Geneva boasts a number of leading lights who have helped enrich the history of their chosen field.

Jean-Gabriel Eynard (1775-1863)
He was one of the first Swiss citizens to use the daguerreotype technique presented in 1839. More particularly, between 1842 and 1863, he produced daguerreotypes of his family, his house, the surrounding landscapes and even of himself.

Boissonnas Family
The Boissonnas collection was acquired by the City of Geneva’s Centre d’iconographie genevoise in 2011.
For more information:
Boissonnas, a dynasty of photographers 1864-1983 – Nicolas Bouvier, 1983

You can consult 1,000 photos produced by the Boissonnas family by clicking on this link:

Alfred Bertrand (1856-1924)
Alfred Bertrand completed numerous journeys around the world, taking in the Himalayas, Kashmir, Malaysia and China among other destinations and bringing back a large collection of photographs of the monuments, landscapes and ethnic groups he encountered. He was President of the Société de Géographie de Genève and an honorary member of the Royal Geographical Society.

Ella Maillart (1903-1997)
Ella Maillart was a Swiss traveller, writer and photographer.

Fernand Gigon (1908-1986)
Before his death in Geneva in 1986, Fernand Gigon dallied with the world of cinema before pursuing his career as a reporter, photographer, writer and essayist. He travelled to the four corners of the globe and worked with dozens of periodicals, radio stations and television channels.

Sabine Weiss (1924)
Born Sabine Weber in Switzerland in 1924 before taking French nationality, Sabine Weiss is a photographer whose work is aligned with the humanist photography school.

Jean Mohr (1925)
Born in Geneva in 1925, Jean Mohr is one of the greatest living photographers. A photographer and reporter in war zones, he has also worked with a number of writers (such as John Berger and Edward Saïd).
His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and around the world and has earned him many awards (Prix de la Ville de Genève, Prix de la photographie contemporaine, etc.).

Nicolas Bouvier (1929-1998)
Born on 6 March 1929 in le Grand-Lancy, Nicolas Bouvier was a Swiss writer, photographer, iconographer and traveller who passed away in Geneva on 17 February 1998.

Laurence Deonna (1937)
Laurence Deonna is a Swiss reporter, writer and photographer.

Contemporary photographers
Today, numerous figures – such as Nicolas Faure, Gérard Pétremand, Alan Humerose, Nicolas Crispini, Steeve Junker, Christian Lutz and the Rezo agency to name but a few – perpetuate this tradition of photographic excellence in Geneva.

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