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Practical advice for saving water

Simple reflexes which help reduce water consumption.

At home

Remember to:

  • close the tap when using the soap, brushing your teeth or shaving;
  • wash the dishes using a bowl of water rather than leaving the tap running;
  • take a shower (60 to 80 litres) rather than a bath (150 to 200 litres);
  • only use the washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.

Bad habits can also damage the sewage system. If the sewage system is damaged, this generates costs which increase your bill. Avoid:

  • throwing waste into the system;
  • using detergents containing phosphates or paint containing solvents.


Outside, waste water enters the soil and directly affects the ecosystem around us. You should therefore:

  • avoid throwing waste into the drains;
  • wash your car at a car wash;
  • replace chemical fertilisers by natural solutions.

In order to minimise losses, you are advised to water the soil when evaporation is at its lowest, preferably using rainwater.


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