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Urban development and planning


The City of Geneva establishes its planning tools. It also takes action through negotiations and advance notice.

The municipal administration creates new housing, public equipment and green areas. It also builds roads, public transport stops and paths for pedestrians and bicycles.

These projects require numerous discussions with the partners concerned in order to deliver economically feasible projects which serve the public interest. They are implemented in close collaboration with the cantonal authorities and are debated by the municipal council. The City takes action through negotiations and advance notice.

Planning documents 

The City of Geneva prepares the documents which shape its development:

The City has identified ten priority development sectors in which it has launched studies with a view to adapting land use plans (PLQ and modification of zones). 

Assessment and forecasting tools

The City of Geneva has forecasting tools and tools for measuring the impact of projects on the City:

The role of advance notice of construction projects 

The municipality defends the interests of its inhabitants by means of advance notice announcements issued by the municipal council. The council makes decisions on cantonal projects modifying the limits of construction zones, localised district plans and site plans.

The City of Geneva can refer to the cantonal authorities in order to have the legal measures it deems necessary adopted. For example, it exercises this right of initiative to enable new housing to be built. The administrative board also gives advance notice on requests for building permits and can, if necessary, take recourse against a decision it deems unfavourable to the public good.


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