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Fondation pour Genève

A welcome and activities platform, the Fondation pour Genève contributes to the development of a city open to the world, in particular by influencing the international positioning of the region around Geneva as well as welcoming international visitors and their partners.

Founded in 1976, the Fondation pour Genève is a private organisation which contributes to the international influence of Geneva. It brings together private initiatives designed to consolidate the international role of Geneva and promote the city’s advantages. Housed in the Villa La Pastorale at the heart of the Nations district, the foundation also endeavours to provide support, in a range of different forms, for the action taken by the city’s authorities to encourage the international development of Geneva. Different activity structures are developed by the foundation on behalf of Geneva:

  • the Diplomatic Club of Geneva is a forum for high-level meetings between the main stakeholders in International Geneva and figures from local public life;
  • the Observatory conducts and publishes analyses and recommendations intended to strengthen the international positioning of the Geneva region;
  • through the Welcome Network and the Circle of Spouses, the foundation offers a personalised welcome to expatriates and their spouses working in diplomatic missions and private companies;
  • the partnerships and the Foundation Award support institutions or one-off projects which coincide with the foundation’s goals;
  • the Georges-Junod Fund is intended to improve the well-being of senior citizens in need.

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