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Geneva Press Club (CSP)

Bringing together numerous Swiss and foreign media organisations, the CSP is supported by the Confederation and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, as well as the City of Geneva.


Inaugurated in 1997, the Geneva Press Club (CSP) is tasked with welcoming and helping journalists visiting Geneva as well as informing the media about issues handled in Geneva.

The Geneva Press Club fulfils several missions with the “International Geneva” community; including:

  • welcoming and helping journalists visiting Geneva;
  • assisting and advising diplomatic missions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which do not have a permanent press office;
  • promoting the issues with a global scope handled in Geneva among the press representatives;
  • encouraging collaboration between the different Swiss and foreign media operating in French-speaking Switzerland;
  • organising events linked to International Geneva and the media (Communication Festival, Philosophy Festival, World Investigative Journalism Conference, “Cartooning for Peace – Dessins pour la paix” exhibition and international award, symposia of the French-speaking press).

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