International Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI)

Inaugurated in 1996, the CAGI’s remit is to guide and inform the different actors of International Geneva while helping them settle in to their new home.

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Housed in the Villa La Pastorale in the Nations district, the International Geneva Welcome Centre helps international civil servants, members of permanent missions and consulates, NGO staff and their families settle in and become part of the local community.

A non-profit association subject to Swiss law, the CAGI was founded by the Swiss Confederation and the State of Geneva. The City of Geneva, which awards it an annual subsidy, is one of the associate members of the CAGI, sits on the committee and has the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The CAGI’s remit focuses on three key roles:

  • to offer practical and logistical assistance to new arrivals and answer questions from international employees throughout their stay ;
  • to assist and support non-governmental organisations (NGOs) already established or keen to set up an office in Geneva in collaboration with the relevant cantonal and federal authorities;
  • to initiate or support projects designed to encourage cultural and social exchanges between International Geneva and the local communities.

NGO Service

The NGO service informs, guides and supports the international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) already established or keen to set up an office in the Geneva region. Overseen by the Republic and Canton of Geneva, this service serves as an interface between the authorities and the NGOs. It works in cooperation with the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Swiss Confederation and the City of Geneva.

The NGO Service provides legal advice, helps draft the statutes of associations and provides information concerning registration procedures and procedures relating to granting work permits and obtaining visas. It guides NGOs in their requests for financial support. Finally, the NGO Service also offers organisations assistance in finding office space and conference rooms.

Welcoming delegates

The CAGI Delegates Welcome Service (DWS) is tasked with facilitating the stay of international delegates participating in international conferences and meetings in Geneva. It provides logistical support in organising accommodation and can grant a subsidy to reduce the associated costs thanks to partnership agreements with a number of hotels. These services are in particular intended for delegates from the least developed countries or with limited financial means.

meeting area and a work room equipped with several computer workstations are also available at the La Pastorale site.

Villa La Pastorale

Route de Ferney 106
1202 Genève

Tél. +41 22 546 14 00
Fax +41 22 546 14 19
Site web de la Villa La Pastorale

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