Cars and motorbikes

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Des voitures parquées vers la Place de Neuve

Inhabitants, visitors and economic operators must be able to move about and organise their logistics as efficiently as possible. The City of Geneva guarantees access to homes for motorised vehicles, manages car parks for “inhabitants and professionals” and requests delivery spaces for companies.

In Geneva, motorised means of transport benefit from a highly developed road network and good accessibility throughout the entire municipality. Only pedestrian areas are out of bounds.

Parking in Geneva

Several parking options are available in Geneva. The City of Geneva prioritises use of the city centre car parks for inhabitants rather than commuters, with the latter encouraged to use park and ride options (P+R). Learn how and where to park in Geneva and discover the possibility of renting parking spaces.

Avoiding traffic jams

The City of Geneva infomobility web portal enables you to consult the traffic situation in real time on the main roads. You can also see if there are any road works on your route via the following pages:

Carpooling and car sharing

Car-sharing and carpooling help reduce congestion by making more rational use of cars. Learn how to share a vehicle:

Towards a more sustainable mobility

Motorised traffic has a considerable impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to private vehicles: cycling, walking, carpooling, car sharing and public transport are all cheaper and less pollutant means of getting around.

Good to know

Purchasing a cleaner car gives rise to a tax advantage.

Eco-driving lessons enable you to minimise the impact of your car on the environment.

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