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Cargo bikes: the City of Geneva encourages soft mobility

Thanks to the “soft mobility” cantonal subsidy, the City of Geneva wants to promote the development of transporting children and equipment by bike as well as deliveries by cargo bikes.


Having successfully supported the acquisition of electric bikes over a period of eight years, the City of Geneva now wants to focus its attention on developing the transport of children and equipment by bike as well as encouraging deliveries by cargo bike.

Soft mobility subsidy

Purchasing a cargo bike or a trailer

Cargo bikes represent an interesting alternative to cars for getting around the city with children or transporting goods. With this in mind, a subsidy corresponding to 10% of the purchase price of a cargo bike can be requested up to a maximum of CHF 500. This aid also includes “special” bikes and bike trailers.

Tests and rental of electric bikes or cargo bikes

The City also encourages you to test the qualities of an electric bike or cargo bike: this enables cyclists to measure the potential of these bikes for regular use. Bike rental for a period of more than one month is subsidised at a rate of up to 50% and a maximum of CHF 250 .

Cycling proficiency courses

Honing your cycling skills and learning more about your rights and duties when cycling in the city are crucial safety measures! The City reimburses any cyclist wishing to follow a cycling proficiency course organised by one of the recognised bodies 75% of training costs up to a maximum of CHF 80:

Further information and the conditions for granting this subsidy can be found in the Obtaining a “soft mobility” subsidy procedure.

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