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Cycling proficiency courses

To help cyclists feel more at ease on their bike, subsidised cycling proficiency courses are available in Geneva.

The City of Geneva subsidises cycling proficiency courses for its inhabitants. Every year, it also organises an awareness and information day.

Theoretical and practical courses

The Pro vélo Genève courses alternate theoretical teaching and practical exercises:

  • cycling equipment to ensure optimum safety;
  • agility exercises in a protected environment;
  • reminder of how to behave in traffic (roundabouts, pre-selection, etc.);
  • excursions by road.

Cycling proficiency courses are available for all levels and for anyone interested.

Corporate cycling proficiency courses are also provided by Genevavelo.

Saturday cycling

As part of the Saturday cycling events, courses for adults are provided by Pro vélo Genève. Other free activities focussing on cycling are provided between April and September.

Civic cycling day

This awareness and information day enables urban cyclists, both young and old, to test their theoretical and practical knowledge in a fun yet educational atmosphere.


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