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Cycling amenities in Geneva

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The City of Geneva is developing cycling amenities on roads subject to heavy traffic, improving the continuity of long-distance circuits, facilitating local access and increasing parking facilities. This page presents the types of amenity designed to enhance the safety of cyclists.

Cycle paths

Cycle paths are lanes reserved exclusively for bicycles and mopeds. They are separated physically from other traffic lanes and the pavement. They provide optimum safety conditions for cyclists who must nevertheless remain particularly attentive when rejoining the general traffic.

Cycle lanes

Cycle lanes are lanes reserved for cyclists but incorporated into the road. Cycle lanes improve the safety of cyclists by clearly indicating their driving area to motor vehicles.

Two-way cycling roads

Cycle lanes against the flow of traffic allow bicycles to circulate in both directions in a one-way street. Indicated by a sign and a pictogram on the ground, this special application avoids cyclists having to take dangerous detours on heavily frequented roads.

Bus lanes open to bikes

Generally reserved for buses, taxis and emergency vehicles, bus lanes may also be used by cyclists if a yellow bike pictogram is painted on the ground.

Mixed pedestrian/cyclist zones

Some public areas where access is prohibited to motor traffic are designed to be shared by pedestrians and cyclists. This is indicated by a sign or pictograms painted on the ground. Cyclists must give way to pedestrians.

Cycle box and advance lights

A space reserved for cyclists at traffic lights, a cycle box allows cyclists to position themselves in front of motor vehicles when the light is red. Programmed to turn green before the main light, the advance lights enable cyclists to pull away before the rest of the traffic. These two amenities offer increased safety when pulling away and turning.

Staggered left turn

A staggered left turn is a two-stage manoeuvre made by a cyclist when turning left. In the event of heavy traffic or when several lanes need to be crossed, it enables cyclists to pre-select a left turn in complete safety.

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Marked mixed circuits in the parks

Marked mixed circuits for pedestrians and cyclists have also been introduced in several parks around Geneva. These off-traffic circuits are exceptionally open to bicycles, which must automatically adapt their speed and give way to pedestrians.

Bicycle pumps

14 pumps have been installed around the City of Geneva. They enable cyclists to re-inflate their tyres and thus to travel in the best possible conditions.

Request for cycling amenities

Requests for cycling amenities can be submitted to the Urban Planning and Mobility Department of the City of Geneva.

Bicycle figures

The Geneva City cycling network covers more than 59% of the 220 Km of municipal roads:

  • 9% cycle paths;
  • 20% cycle lanes;
  • 9% multi-use paths;
  • 4% shared with bus lanes;
  • 58% with no specific designation on roads with restricted traffic (pedestrian zones, 20 and 30km/h zones).


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