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Parking bikes

Travelling by bike means you can park anywhere, free of charge. The City of Geneva provides approximately 5,000 parking spaces for bikes as well as a bicycle park. You can also park on the pavements under certain conditions.

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Aware that safe parking helps combat theft and improve cyclists’ comfort, the City of Geneva constantly provides new parking options.

Different parking places for bikes

The wide variety of facilities provided by the City of Geneva makes parking bikes safer. Three types of specific parking facilities are available to two-wheeled vehicles, two of which are reserved exclusively for bikes.

Two-wheeler parking bays

Two-wheeler parking bays are spaces marked on the road by white lines and often equipped with arches. This facility, intended for all two-wheeled vehicles, allows you to secure your vehicle by means of a bike lock and thus to limit theft.

Arches installed on the pavements or in pedestrian zones without any spaces being marked are reserved for bicycles. They are prohibited for motorised two-wheeled vehicles.

Bike rack or pedal park

A bike rack or pedal park is a bike park consisting of a one- or two-tier metal structure. A large number of bikes can be parked in a small area.

Bike shed or shelter

Bike sheds or shelters are covered facilities where bikes can be parked. They protect bikes against rain and snow.

Parking your bike on the pavement

If the parking spaces for bikes are all taken, cyclists are entitled to park their bike on the pavement, albeit in compliance with certain conditions. They must:

  • leave a passage of at least 1.5 m to enable pushchairs and wheelchairs to move around freely;
  • ensure they do not obstruct shop windows, house windows or entrances to buildings which open onto the pavement.

Scooters and motorbikes parked on the pavement may receive a fine.

Bike station (secure parking subject to a fee)

Two bike stations are in service close to Cornavin CFF railway station. They provide almost 500 parking spaces for bikes. For conditions and rates:

A dozen of the foundation’s car parks offer parking facilities for bikes.


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