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Heatwave plan for senior citizens

Every summer, the City of Geneva implements a heatwave plan, primarily intended for people aged 75 and over. Senior citizens can register with the Social Service in order to benefit from a monitoring service during the very hot weather. Over 13,500 senior citizens are concerned.

Plan canicule 2023

Heatwaves bring with them dangers for older people, especially those who do not have regular contact with a healthcare provider. This is all the more so the case as family support and local solidarity structures are not always on hand during the summer period. This isolation can prove problematic for senior citizens, and the heatwave may cause them to become more vulnerable from a healthcare standpoint.

To meet the demands of more than 13,500 senior citizens concerned, the City of Geneva organises a local heatwave plan in collaboration with the Institution genevoise de maintien à domicile (imad). This action is also supported by PharmaGenève with regard to the dissemination of information in neighbourhood pharmacies.

Recommended behaviour and toll-free number  

All people aged 75 and over resident in the City of Geneva are contacted by letter. They are invited to register with the Social Service by telephone in order to benefit from a monitoring service throughout the summer. This letter is accompanied by a flyer reminding recipients of the recommended behaviour in the event of a heatwave and presenting five micro-oases where people can take a break in the shade as part of the "Park to park" project.

Monitoring during heatwaves

In the event of a “heatwave” warning, Social Service staff contact the people registered in order to check on their well-being. If in doubt, family and neighbours are contacted. In the absence of any contact, the Social Service calls on the municipal police to conduct a house call. IMAD intervenes in the event of confirmed health problems suffered by senior citizens. This systems helps limit the risk of health problems among senior citizens as far as possible. A volunteer can also be asked to visit people registered with the service.

A system designed to combat isolation among senior citizens

The heatwave plan is part of the long-life policy adopted by the City of Geneva with regard to senior citizens. Certain cases of isolation registered thanks to the contacts linked to the heatwave plan are addressed by the local social outreach centres in order to help senior citizens enjoy better access to the different actions organised in their neighbourhood.

A specific heatwave action is also organised with regard to some of the most fragile and vulnerable homeless people, both in physical and psychological terms.


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