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Information points, social information and accompaniment

There are two places open to the public where the City of Geneva provides information, social guidance and administrative support by appointment.

Horaires: lundi, mardi, mercredi et vendredi de 8h30 à 12h et de 13h à 17h; jeudi en continu de 10h à 17h. Pendant la période de fin d'année, le Point info Plainpalais reste ouvert sauf du 24 décembre au 3 janvier inclus. Le Point info Servette sera ouvert jusqu'au 24 décembre et dès le 9 janvier 2023 à l'exception du 5 janvier 2023 (ouvert).
Une dame s'entretient avec un monsieur au sein d'un point info-service de la Ville de Genève

The information points serve the population as a whole and are part of the local social outreach mechanism.

Information points

The information points serve the population as a whole and are part of the local social outreach mechanism. They aim to make it easier to access services of all kinds (administrative, institutional, associative).

Information and guidance

The staff at the information points will welcome you on site or by telephone to answer any social or general questions you may have. They can also point you towards partners or institutions able to help you.

Help with administrative procedures

Sometimes you need help to carry out a simple procedure, understand an official notification, write a letter or fill in a form. The staff at the information points will help you complete any formalities and provide explanations, request assistance from volunteer public writers or point you towards a partner institution.

If necessary, an appointment can be arranged on a one-off basis to take you through an administrative procedure confidentially. The information points do not provide long-term assistance, they offer one-off administrative support.

Information about life in your area

The information points also provide information about life in your area: they supply the public with documentation like the programmes of activities for community centres and information on activities for senior citizens and families. To be close to residents, the teams from the information points also go out to various places in the City of Geneva and to events supporting the mobile information point or stands run by the local social outreach centre.

Borrowing rooms in community centres

Geneva residents can borrow rooms. To rent a room, please go the information point when the rooms team are on duty; to learn more about this service, please see: Reserving a room in a community centre.

Health advice and support

The health information surgeries are also open to the public without an appointment to supplement what the information centres have to offer. Nurses are available to discuss health-related issues and offer advice and information. To learn more about the health information surgeries please see: Health information surgeries.


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