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Ecole des mamans

The “Ecole des mamans” offers mothers of allophone pupils the chance to follow French classes within their children’s school while their children are in class.


Mothers of allophone pupils enrolled in certain schools can follow French classes in the same school as their children. Jointly funded by the City and the State of Geneva and primarily intended for migrant mothers, these lessons are designed to improve the participants’ language skills while reinforcing their social integration and strengthening the ties between family and school. Mothers are thus better equipped to supervise, encourage and accompany their children throughout their schooling.

Classes in three districts

The Ecole des mamans classes are held in the following districts: 

  • Ecole des mamans in La Jonction;
  • Ecole des mamans in Les Pâquis;
  • Ecole des mamans in Saint-Jean Charmilles.

How the classes are organised


To ensure that as many mothers as possible can participate, the French lessons are organised during school time and mothers can leave pre-school children in the crèche provided.

Free lessons based on exchange

The “Ecole des mamans” classes operate on a mutual exchange basis: the mothers prepare one meal per month in exchange for the lessons they receive. The teaching staff are invited to these meals, which provide an additional opportunity to strengthen the ties between the mothers and the school.

After school, the local community

The (ASP) Pâquis / Grottes Saint-Gervais, Plainpalais Jonction / Acacias and Servette Petit-Saconnex / Saint-Jean local social outreach centres support the Ecole des mamans that accompanies these allophone mothers in learning French. They help put the mothers in contact with the social network and the associative life of their district. 

This project reflects the community social policy implemented by the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity by encouraging the social inclusion of migrant women in local community life. It also contributes to combating social fractures by facilitating access to resources and information.

How to participate?

For more detailed information concerning the Ecole des mamans, please contact the three local social outreach centres. The contact details are presented at the bottom of the page.

ASP Pâquis/Grottes Saint-Gervais

Rue Jean-Antoine GAUTIER 18
1201 Genève
Tél. + 41 22 418 95 00
Fax + 41 22 418 97 21

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ASP Plainpalais Jonction/Acacias

1205 Genève
Tél. + 41 22 418 97 60
Fax + 41 22 418 97 61

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ASP Servette Petit-Saconnex/Saint-Jean

1202 Genève
Tél. + 41 22 418 97 90
Fax + 41 22 418 97 91

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