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Recreational facilities for children

Des jeux d'enfants dans un préau.

The city is also designed for children! Discover the main recreational facilities, both indoor and outdoor, suitable for our younger citizens. You are sure to find plenty to occupy your children in Geneva, regardless of the season or their age.

From sports grounds and play areas ideal for burning off that excess energy to neighbourhood facilities offering numerous events or cultural activities, you are sure to find recreational areas to keep your kids busy in the City of Geneva!

Play areas

Almost a hundred play areas are scattered around the school yards and public parks of the City of Geneva. There is almost certainly one near you: it’s up to you to decide which is best suited to your children!

Paddling pools

Numerous paddling pools are open to young children in the City of Geneva. Located in the numerous parks, they are open from May to September. They are reserved for children under the age of 7. Only the people looking after them are authorised to join them.

Swimming pools and other bathing spots

Indoor and open-air pools

Of the six swimming pools owned by the City of Geneva, the Varembé and Les Vernets pools have a pool reserved for children while also organising water activities at the weekend. These two pools have both indoor and open-air pools. 


The only beach within the city limits, Baby Plage, is particularly suitable for children. In addition to easy access to the lake, it has a number of children’s games

You can find more information about bathing spots in Geneva on the page Where to go swimming in Geneva?

Games libraries

There are 12 games libraries in the City of Geneva. The libraries are meeting places providing games to be loaned and organising a number of activities.

Municipal libraries

In almost every district of the city, the network of municipal libraries (MLs) provides areas suitable for children. Vast collections of books, music and DVDs are available to help them learn and interact, or simply to be enjoyed.

Find out more on the children’s page of the municipal libraries’ website.

Maison de la créativité

A centre dedicated to the creative, cultural and artistic development of children under the age of 6, the Villa Calandrini is now a meeting place for families, childcare structures and cultural institutions.

Community centres and recreational facilities

Run by volunteer associations and professionals who organise sociocultural events in each district, these centres essentially provide activities for both the young and the old while organising neighbourhood celebrations, various themed events and different courses and workshops.

  • Community centres and recreational facilities

Map of recreational facilities for children

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