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Agenda 2030 for sustainable development in Switzerland and around the world

Agenda 2030 was adopted in September 2015 under the auspices of the United Nations. It focuses on 17 universally applicable sustainable development goals (SDGs): every country must contribute to achieving them. The City of Geneva takes action at its own level to contribute to achieving these goals.

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The City of Geneva contributes to implementing United Nations Agenda 2030 in two ways. First, Geneva is a forum for formal and informal dialogue, and the city is filled with stakeholders in fields such as human rights, health, aid for natural catastrophes, employment and trade. The work carried out by all these organisations has an impact on the everyday life of the population as a whole and contributes to achieving the 17 SDGs. Second, the municipality is committed to promoting sustainable development at local level within its own territory.

Welcoming, innovative, committed and ecological: Geneva meets the challenges of the 21st century

The municipal roadmap adopted by the legislature 2015-2020 confirms the numerous commitments taken by the City over the past two decades, in particular in favour of international Geneva, solidarity, gender equality and diversity, civic participation, responsible territorial development, local biodiversity, a sustainable energy policy, chemical-free green areas, children and families, social innovation, sustainable food and responsible consumption.

Here are some examples of specific actions implemented by the municipality of Geneva in line with Agenda 2030:


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