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Municipal policy in the field of diversity

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A stopping-off point since Roman times, Geneva is a meeting place and trading hub with a highly cosmopolitan identity. Thanks to a cross-cutting public policy, the City of Geneva makes every effort to make this diversity one of its strengths while fighting against any form of discrimination.

The administrative council of the City of Geneva has defined six strategic focal points facilitating the application of a political commitment to social cohesion, the promotion of diversity and the fight against all forms of discrimination.

The municipal policy in terms of diversity is reflected in the acts of the European Convention on Human Rights. The City of Geneva therefore treats all the inhabitant of its municipal territory equally, without distinction linked to the length of residence, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation.

Founded on the principle of social inclusion and without denying the difficulties and tensions arising from living together, the municipal policy in terms of diversity focuses on what brings people together and not what drives them apart. It acknowledges the resources and dynamics of linguistic, ethnic and national communities while developing an identity founded on the common values of human rights. The political will of the administrative council is to work towards a multicultural yet united Geneva.

The political, civic and associative participation of everyone is encouraged. In this way, the municipal policy strengthens the feeling of belonging to the place of residence, as does the interaction between the residents of the municipal territory.

A six-pronged policy

  • A welcoming city: the City of Geneva implements a systematic and benevolent hospitality policy which underlines the fact that residents in the municipality are all welcome members of the community.
  • A participatory city: the City actively encourages the use of open citizenship whereby every inhabitant quickly contributes to living together and is committed to serving their city.
  • An accessible city: the City of Geneva implements a policy of accessibility to municipal public services. In the interests of equity, it limits the obstacles (in particular administrative and linguistic) that its residents may encounter. 
  • A non-discriminatory city: the City of Geneva implements an active policy against received ideas, stereotypes and all forms of discrimination. To this end, it develops public action and supports the efforts of institutional or associative third parties.
  • A city that listens: fully aware that the speed of migratory flows may give rise to withdrawal and rejection, the City of Geneva, pays particular attention to these expressions of unease and develops a policy of listening and awareness.
  • A responsible city: as an employer and service provider, the City of Geneva undertakes to implement a human resources policy which reflects the diversity of Geneva and provides its employees with the necessary tools to feel at ease in a complex environment and best meet the needs of the different target populations.

In its 2016-2020 roadmap, the City prioritised the four main avenues of a welcoming, accessible, non-discriminatory and responsible city.

The Agenda 21 - Sustainable City department coordinates municipal policy in terms of diversity and more particularly develops its «non-discriminatory city» axis. In particular, it implements a series of awareness-raising actions and has launched a call for projects each year since 2020 to specifically combat anti-Black racism.


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