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Prevention of discrimination

Responsible for the “non-discrimination” element of the municipal diversity policy, the Agenda 21 – Sustainable city department supports and promotes a range of initiatives addressing the issues of racism, xenophobia, intolerance and stereotypes.

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Centre Ecoute contre le racisme (C-ECR)

The Centre d’écoute opened its doors in March 2014 during the International Week Against Racism. It is supported by the Agenda 21 – Sustainable City department, the Foreign Citizen Integration Bureau of the Canton of Geneva and the Confederation’s Anti-racism Department.

It is independent of the state. It provides support for victims or witnesses of racist acts or discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality, skin colour, religion, migratory situation and/or linked to asylum. This free and confidential support consists of listening, mediation, orientation and legal support.

The centre’s staff, a lawyer/mediator and a psychosocial and cultural officer welcome visitors by appointment and can speak English, French and German.

Centre suisse pour la défense des droits des migrants (CSDM)

The Agenda 21 – Sustainable City department supports the CSDM, the aim of which is to promote respect for the fundamental rights of migrants in Switzerland on an international scale. The CSDM submits requests to the European Court of Human Rights and provides legal advice to professionals in the legal and associative sectors as well as to the general public. The CSDM is a non-profit association.

“Racist incidents addressed by consultations” monitoring report

The documentation and monitoring system (DoSyRa) archives racist incidents addressed by consultations and presents the results obtained in the form of an annual report.

Publication of the practical “Protection against discrimination” guide

In their daily activities, the staff of the public administration interacts with an increasingly wide range of users. Against this backdrop, the Agenda 21 – Sustainable City department participated in a think tank focusing on managing diversity conducted by a working group made up of officers tasked with the issue of “protection against discrimination” in the Latin cantons and cities.

  • Practical guide: “Protection against discrimination: how to encourage, engage and implement an awareness process within the administration”, available on the website of the Swiss Confederation.




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