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Seeds and seedlings

There are several initiatives in the City of Geneva enabling city-dwellers to reconnect with nature and agriculture while encouraging biodiversity. In the city centre, gardeners growing plants on their balcony or outside their building and small-scale producers keen to experiment with new varieties can obtain local seeds or organic seedlings – for the most part old varieties.

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Local initiatives

Here are several local initiatives enabling budding horticulturists to obtain old varieties of seeds or organic seeds.

Semences de pays

Supported by the City through the G’Innove programme, Semences de pays selects and multiplies seeds of market gardening plant varieties, primarily drawn from local selections. It has a catalogue of seeds grown and sold in the greenhouses located in the Parc Beaulieu and at Belle-Idée.

Les Artichauts

Also benefiting from financial support from the Agenda 21 – Sustainable City department, Les Artichauts prepares organic seedlings, grown and sold as part of the agricultural activities in the Parc Beaulieu.

Pro Specie Rara

The two associations mentioned above collaborate with the Pro Specie Rara Foundation to preserve old, traditional varieties of vegetable well suited to our climate and to bring them back into fashion.

Les Jardins des Délices

The association Les Jardins des Délices runs an urban vegetable garden and launched a  «seed library» in the first half of 2017, in collaboration with the Saint-Jean library. It is a system of swapping seeds whereby anyone can deposit, take or swap seeds as they wish, free of charge.


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