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A sustainable food charter in Geneva

This charter provides the administration with a general framework for the transition towards more sustainable food.

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In October 2021, the Executive Council adopted a reference document concerning sustainable food. This document defines a series of general principles (such as «promote local produce», «prioritise products from sustainable production and fair trade sources» or «reduce packaging on food products») to be applied by all the municipal institutions operating a catering service, either managed directly or outsourced, and during all public procurement procedures relating to catering in the City of Geneva. 

Several reference quantitative objectives have also been defined in this charter relating to the recommendations of the FOEN. For example, the objective is to achieve a minimum of 70% Swiss products, 20% organic products and 80% «home-made» products as well as 100% non-endangered fish and «exotic» products bearing the Fairtrade label.

With this in mind, an environmental diagnostic was launched in 2020 with regard to the food served to children in primary schools and nurseries. 

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