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Promoting short agricultural and food circuits

One of the objectives of the legislature programme of the Executive Council 2020-2025 is to «foster food sovereignty within the territory of Geneva, support local trade and encourage people to buy local products».

Un comptoir avec des assiettes des tartines

The aim is to promote agriculture close to the markets it serves, to re-connect the city and the country and to strengthen the ties between producers and the urban population. To this end, the City of Geneva wants to encourage the production, processing and distribution of local and regional food products to private citizens, cafés and restaurants located within the municipality and to the public establishments its manages or delegates for management (school canteens, nurseries, cultural and sporting refreshments stands, etc.) as well as during the events it organises (events, receptions, etc.).

In recent years, the City has worked in close collaboration with the Canton (Directorate Bureau of Agriculture and Nature – OCAN), primarily through the promotion of the «Genève Région Terre Avenir» (GRTA) label among restaurants and the general public. This label guarantees the traceability and quality of the products.

To create sustainable food value chains, it is absolutely essential that we revise our production and consumption methods. Short circuits maintain or develop local jobs and reduce the distances over which products must be transported – and thus the resulting pollution. From a social standpoint, traceability and proximity also enable city-dwellers to enjoy better information concerning the value chains and production processes. This strengthens the ties between the agricultural sector and the consumers.

Through markets, business premises and public refreshments stands, the City can facilitate access to local craft products among city-dwellers. Processing sites (independent bakeries and breweries, for example) are also involved. In relation to this matter, consulter Municipal Council motion M-1569 entitled «Mise à disposition de locaux publics pour la vente des producteurs locaux» (provision of public premises for the sale of local produce).

The City provides particular support to diversified farming systems capable not only of recreating strong, direct ties with the city’s inhabitants but also of providing ecological farming methods. Among the best practices constantly being developed, we can cite:

  • The participation of beneficiaries through production cooperatives or associations, in particular in local contract farming);
  • Direct or semi-direct sales, facilitating dialogue with the population and ensuring profitable prices;
  • The redevelopment of processing chains;
  • The use of biodynamic or agro-ecological techniques to ensure soil conservation;
  • Attention paid to biodiversity and old varieties;
  • New distribution models, such as farm supermarkets and neighbourhood or online groceries.

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