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Optimising energy consumption at home

The building and energy sector includes greenhouse gas emissions linked to heating (mainly gas and fuel oil), the production of hot water and the use of electricity. Discover what you can do to reduce energy consumption in your home.

Intérieur d'un logement

Discover the eco-gestures which enable you to save energy, in particular by reducing your water consumption.


Heating accounts for two-thirds of a household’s energy needs.

Discover the subsidy options (insulation, replacement of a traditional boiler, eco-advice, etc.) available to building or house owners in Geneva on the website of the State of Geneva.    

Some advice for tenants to optimise their heating:

  • Clean lampshades and do not place any obstacle (curtain, furniture, object) on radiators.
  • Close blinds to retain the heat (at night in winter) or cool air (during the day in summer). 
  • Adapt your clothing to the season: pullovers in winter, light clothes in summer.
  • Air rooms for 5-10 minutes, then close the windows; this is more effective than leaving them open for long periods.

More advice is available on the SuisseEnergie website.

Consumption of electricity

  • Test the electrical consumption of your household on the Energybox website.
  • If you take a break of more than 30 minutes, switch the computer, screen and all lights off.
  • Devices left on standby consume a lot of energy. To make them easier to manage, install a gang socket and switch it off at night. If your mobile phone is not charging, remove the charger from the socket. Switch your coffee machine off in the evening or install a timer.
  • Reducing the brightness of your computer screen to 50% allows you to save energy while ensuring comfortable reading.
  • Use low-consumption or LED light bulbs when replacing your equipment.


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