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Where to buy local food and drinks in Geneva

By eating regional and seasonal products, you reduce your impact on the environment, support sustainable agriculture on a human scale and contribute to the development of the local economy. This page presents a selection of addresses offering you the opportunity to eat local produce in Geneva.

paniers remplis de légumes colorés

Numerous points of sale offer plenty of scope for purchasing local products from Geneva.

Among the different formats, production methods and  delivery options,you are sure to find the option that best suits you!

Points of sale:

Élément de l'accordéon
bocaux étiquetés

Several groceries around the City of Geneva sell their own artisanal produce or local products on site, be it fruit, vegetables or loose commodities.

Many of them sell food from the organic agriculture sector.

Format: distribution of local produce and own production
Production methods: conventional, integrated, organic or biodynamic
Deliveries: no delivery, sale on site
  • L'Arcade (rue des Eaux-Vives 80): community grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce;
  • Tinana du bio en vrac (rue des Rois 17): community grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce;
  • Coté Jardin - Epicerie UMG (rue de la Navigation 25): grocery operated by the Union Maraîchère de Genève selling regional fruit and vegetables;
  • Coté Jardin - Epicerie UMG (rue Blavignac 16): market operated by the Union Maraîchère de Genève selling a wide range of ungraded seasonal vegetables at low prices;
  • Epicerie espace-terroir (Rue du Pont-Neuf 9): community grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce;
  • Kiss the Ground ( Rue des Eaux-Vives 6): community grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce;
  • L'épicerie du Marché (Rue du Marché 2): community grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce;
  • La Ferme de Budé (chemin Moïse Duboule 2): farm’s own production and distribution of products essentially sourced from regional suppliers. Priority is given to organic products; 
  • Le Fix (avenue de France 17): café-grocery selling locally-sourced and artisanal produce;
  • Les Halles de Rive (boulevard Helvétique 29): historic covered market housing 23 specialist stores devoted to healthy eating and local produce;
  • Le Marché de vie (rue des Eaux-Vives 25): community grocery selling organic produce;
  • Le Nid (chemin du 23 août 5): cooperative grocery selling locally-sourced, sustainable and loose produce;
  • Nature en Vrac (place des Grottes 1): loose sales of organic and locally-sourced produce;
  • Organy (rue de la Terrassière 15): community grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce;
  • Tout local (Rue de Saint-Jean 4): community grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce;
  • Senza (Place de l'Octroi 10): écommunity grocery selling locally-sourced and organic produce.
Epiceries en ligne

Several web platforms provide the local population with the opportunity to purchase fresh or processed produce online. 

The produce is generally delivered to customers’ homes or to distribution points.

Format: web platforms distributing local produce, either fresh or processed, and collaborations with artisans. Occasional or regular orders
Production methods: conventional, integrated, organic or biodynamic. The vegetables are primarily field vegetables
Deliveries: home delivery or to distribution outlets
personnes travaillant dans un champ, avec le Jura en fond

Local contractual agriculture provides the public with high-quality, diversified products bursting with regional flavours. It helps minimise the number of intermediaries and the distances between producers and consumers while supporting sustainable agriculture and implementing the principles of food sovereignty. More info on the website of the Fédération romande de l'agriculture contractuelle de proximité

Format: baskets available through direct sales as well as annual or seasonal contracts; 
Production methods: integrated, organic or biodynamic. Grown solely in open ground;
Deliveries: at the place of production or at distribution points.

monsieur coiffé d'une casquette qui se penche sur un étal de fruits

Close to thirty weekly markets are organised around the different neighbourhoods of the city. 

For improved traceability, ask the stallholders about origin and production methods.

Format: locally-sourced produce (distribution or sale of own production) and / or imported goods;
Production methods: conventional, integrated, organic and biodynamic;
Deliveries: no deliveries. Sale on site on weekly stalls.

Consult , the dates, times and locations of all the markets in the City of Geneva on the Markets in the City of Geneva page. A map of each day’s markets and a list by type of produce sold are also available. 

gros plan sur des pains

The following bakeries sell bread made in Geneva using flour produced in Geneva:

etal de viande

Several butcher’s shops in Geneva sell a wide selection of local meat GRTA meats – chicken, beef, lamb, pork and more.

vue des vignes avec soleil couchant

In the countryside around Geneva, several farm markets sell produce directly. Several portals also present the activities of the region’s producers. 

Farm markets and direct sales:

The website of Bio Genève – a Geneva-based association promoting organic agriculture enables you to consult the list of farms and organic establishments in Geneva.

The Genève Terroir website and its search engine enable you to find where products carrying the Genève Région Terre Avenir label (GRTA) are sold directly. It presents all the activities of the producers in the countryside around Geneva, such as local groceries, farm markets or self-service distributors.

petits bols avec soupe orange et décoration végétale

Several stores in Geneva sell take-away dishes, offer deliveries at home or to relay points, promote regional products or are socially committed.

Caterers prioritising regional products

  • Aux deux portes (rue Schaub 11): 100% organic vegan caterer and grocery;
  • Beyond Food;
  • Coco's Cuisine: local organic and seasonal dishes available from relay points;
  • L'Embouchure Food Lab (online): local and seasonal dishes delivered to your home;
  • Genecand traiteur (avenue de la Praille 55, 1227 Carouge): regional produce carrying the GRTA label; 
  • Mu Food (rue de Lausanne 59, 1201 Genève): locally-sourced, organic and, on request; vegetarian food;
  • Revolution Food (chemin de la Chesnaie 8, 1219 Vernier) caterer specialising in responsible food;
  • La Ritournelle en selle (boulevard Carl-Vogt 49, 1205 Genève): high-quality and regional produce;
  • Un R de famille (rue Goetz-Monin 10, 1205 Genève); 
  • Traiteur André Vidonne (rue Blavignac 5, 1227 Carouge): regional produce carrying the GRTA label;
  • Traiteur de Châtelaine (chemin Pré de la Fontaine, 1217 Meyrin): regional produce carrying the GRTA label;
  • Ou bien encore: (rue des Bains 61): locally-sourced, organic and vegetarian food;
  • Le Trois Plis (rue Soubeyran 7): locally-sourced, organic produce;
  • Tonic (boulevard Carl-Vogt 30): caterer specialising in locally-sourced, vegetarian food, some of which is organic;
  • Treat SA (online): locally-sourced small dishes delivered to your office or home;
  • L'Unique livraison (online): vegetarian dishes delivered by bike.

Socially committed caterers

bouteilles brunes avec l'inscription "père Jacob" posées devant des cartons de bière

Numerous vineyards and artisanal breweries sell drinks produced in Geneva. Several distributors also sell independent and regional brands of wine, beer, syrup and fruit juice.


With its 14,000 hectares of vines, Geneva is Switzerland’s third-largest wine-producing canton.

  • Genève Terroir website presents a full list of Geneva-based producers, estates and cellars as well as information on the grape varieties grown in Geneva

Craft breweries

There are a number of small new breweries in Geneva, including:

Find all the information and news on the website of the umbrella association: Association des Brasseries indépendantes de Genève (ABIG).

Wine shop


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